Online registrations are closed. If you would like to join workshops, send us a message. If you like to join the parties, you can buy your tickets at the door.

JOSF is back! This year we get the city of Nijmegen, the Netherlands into full Swing with amazing bands, DJ's and the best teachers. 




14-04-2022, 11:37

Classes are filling up

Registrations are going very well! So great that all of you want to join us for Dutch festival! Some workshops are almost sold out: On Saturday: Lindy Hop Moves sold more than 2/3rd Lindy Hop Styling sold...   Meer

07-04-2022, 11:06

Changes in the time-table

There were some changes in the time-table because some of you need to walk 5 minutes between the 2 venues. No worries, it has not affected your registration in terms of which workshops you picked. It is just...   Meer

31-03-2022, 11:39

Registration open today

Today at noon registrations open! Check the workshop schedule before registration and pick the classes you would like!    Meer

22-03-2022, 15:39

Workshop schedule online

The workshop schedule is online! Check it out at tab 'Schedule'    Meer

15-03-2022, 15:13

Opening registrations

The registrations open on March 31, 12:00! Block your calender and be ready to dance with us!    Meer

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