Online registrations are closed. If you would like to join workshops, send us a message. If you like to join the parties, you can buy your tickets at the door.

JOSF is back! This year we get the city of Nijmegen, the Netherlands into full Swing with amazing bands, DJ's and the best teachers. 




24-08-2022, 13:17

Online registrations are closed

Buy your tickets for the parties at the door. If you would like to join workshops. Contact us.    Meer

09-08-2022, 11:03

Shoes Shoes Shoes

"From Italy, Lindymarket: a selection of shoes and accessories for swing dancers by Donatella Andria. I work with Slide&swing, a Spanish brand of handmade shoes, and I promise I'll bring a suitcase of wonder...   Meer

06-08-2022, 11:58

Get your hair done!

On Friday night we have to amazing hairdressers who will make you even prettier than you were before! Reserve your spot now:...   Meer

01-08-2022, 11:41

Full passes & Saturday passes Sold Out

The Full passes and Saturday passes are Sold Out! Sunday passes are still available, also you can buy the individual classes on Saturday which are not Sold Out for €20,- each.    Meer

10-05-2022, 15:27

Party schedules are online!

Check out the party schedules which we have updated today. Party-passes are already for sale, so get yours now!   Meer

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